About Us

Archaeological Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (ASA Pty Ltd) specialises in Australian archaeological research and site identification, Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs), Aboriginal and historic heritage assessments, archaeological field surveys, subsurface testing and salvage excavations, project management, community consultation, negotiation, peer review, site formation processes, and spatial analysis. ASA Pty Ltd has delivered cultural heritage assessments for all types and sizes of projects, ranging from small developments of land through to large infrastructure projects.

Chris Kaskadanis who is the Owner and Director of ASA Pty Ltd is a qualified archaeologist (Bachelor of Archaeology with Honours) specialising in Aboriginal cultural heritage management and archaeological assessments. Chris is a Full Member of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (MAACAI) and Full Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Inc (MEIANZ). Chris has 19 years of archaeological experience, including 16 years of professional experience, having completed over 400 archaeological and cultural heritage assessments.

Prior to founding ASA Pty Ltd, Chris Kaskadanis worked for various consultancies as team leader, senior archaeologist, and project manager within diverse specialist team environments. Chris has developed exceptional knowledge and skills in project management, people management and coaching, planning and organising, negotiation, and written communication. Added to this is his development in personal qualities such as conceptual and analytical abilities, and interpersonal effectiveness. These abilities allow Chris to communicate all aspects of archaeological and cultural heritage legislative requirements in an effective manner to clients, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders.

Track Record

Since the establishment of ASA Pty Ltd in August 2014, over 170 cultural heritage assessments related to the installation of water, gas and electrical infrastructure; recreation and trails; transport; carparks; and, the subdivision and development of land for residential and retail use, have been delivered to local government; water, gas and electrical infrastructure organisations; civil contractors; in addition to several private developers, architectural, planning and environmental consultancies, on time and budget. Over 90% of our Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) are approved by the relevant authorities without complications. Every effort will be made to facilitate in the effective progress and delivery of the CHMP (or other cultural heritage service) to the relevant authority for approval in a timely manner.

Our Business Model is Based on Five Key Principles


Deliver accurate and comprehensive cultural heritage services as required by the relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines.

Time and Cost

Deliver professional services at competitive prices in an effective and timely manner.

Occupational Health Safety and Environment

Undertake all archaeological and cultural heritage services in a safe working environment.


Guarantee regular, open, direct and reliable communication throughout the entire project life-cycle.


Ensure exceptional consultation with the relevant authorities and Traditional Owners.