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Services and Capabilities

Archaeological Services

Archaeological Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (ASA Pty Ltd) develops systematic research design and sampling strategies for all ground survey and excavation programs. ASA Pty Ltd is proficient in the analysis and interpretation of archaeological sites, features and remains. Our assessment reports and cultural heritage management plans include detailed analysis and interpretation of cultural and natural events that have created and affected archaeological sites as well as their relationship within landscapes.

Cultural Heritage Management Plans

ASA Pty Ltd has a high frequency of first-time approvals of Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMPs) by Registered Aboriginal Parties and Aboriginal Victoria. All of our CHMPs are prepared as required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2018.

Project Management, Stakeholder Consultation and Negotiation

ASA Pty Ltd is highly experienced in cultural heritage project management. With a background in multi-disciplinary team environments, we take pride in effective client and stakeholder consultation and are experienced in negotiating solutions to complex archaeological problems.

Quality Assurance and Peer Review Services

ASA Pty Ltd ensures that all cultural heritage investigations are compliant with the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Codes of Ethics and all relevant cultural heritage legislation, regulations and guidelines. ASA Pty Ltd can carry out peer reviews of archaeological reports, cultural heritage assessments and cultural heritage management plans for proponents or land managers.

Mapping and Geographic Information System

ASA Pty Ltd uses the following Differential Global Position System (DGPS) equipment for field data capture and mapping: Hemisphere® R100 Series DGPS Receiver with consistent sub-metre horizontal accuracy and Trimble® Nomad® integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Handheld device with esri® ArcPad® mobile field mapping and data collection software.

Aboriginal Flaked Stone Artefact Analysis and Interpretation

The Director of ASA Pty Ltd is qualified in lithic technological and typological (attribute) analysis and interpretation. This means that ASA Pty Ltd can distinguish between geofacts (naturally broken rocks) and artefacts (deliberately fractured rocks) and deliver comprehensive descriptions of the composition and characteristics of stone artefact assemblages in all of our cultural heritage assessments.

Cultural Heritage Training and Activities

ASA Pty Ltd can present cultural heritage education and awareness training workshops to industry professionals, proponents, civil contractors and schools. We can assist in the management of cultural events and activities and the organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes.

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